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Defensa de tesis Karen Montano Martinez "Characteristics of electric batteries for residential use..."

Tesis: Characteristics of electric batteries for residential use and better integration with the electric distribution system

Abstract: The purpose of this work is to study the characteristics of different battery technologies and the requirements of energy storage systems (ESS) for customer services in order to specify the parameters for an ESS which will operate in parallel with a grid. This work is addressed to end-use residential customers. To achieve this objective, a selection of the main battery technologies currently used were performed using the software ES-SELECT. The technologies evaluated in this work were: lead acid, and lithium ion. Using MATLAB/Simulink, two case studies with real data of temperature, irradiance and residential load behavior from Puerto Rico, were implemented in a scenario of a residential grid-tied PV system with batteries. First, we compared the performance of both battery technologies during a real blackout. Then, we analyzed the behavior of different battery banks when the system is grid-tied. We present a list of desired characteristics for a new battery technology combining the best attributes of each technology. Next, we compare the performance of the system using a single battery technology and using a hybrid battery bank that combines both Lead Acid and Lithium. Finally, we determined the associated monetary cost of the system using hybrid battery storage and compared it with the system using a single battery technology.

Monday, December 3, 2018
1:00pm - 4:30pm
GRIC - FullHub
UPR - Recinto de Mayagüez
  Thesis / Dissertation Defense  

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